The Evening Party


After many fruitful hours of presentations and discussions of the first part of the Conference, we will all deserve a nice wind-down and chill-out time.

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And this – a truly relaxing atmosphere – will be provided at the Evening Party which takes place after the first day of the Conference, i.e. the 25 May, between 8.30 PM and 3.30 AM.

The Evening Party will be held in an extraordinary venue, a place which dubs itself :

“the forbidden fruit of paradise”,

” the epitome of luxury offering oblivion and relaxation in a unique ambience

nowhere else to be found”

tl_files/materials/THE EVE _013s.jpg The Eve Club  tl_files/materials/THE EVE _020s.jpg

The Club, located at Plac Piłsudskiego 9, is a relatively new landmark on the map of Warsaw. Although founded only a year ago, it has already won high popularity, and is widely known for its unique style and elegance.

The Club offers a spacious lounge with a central bar surrounded by sitting areas and a dancefloor. There is also an outdoor area available exclusively for the guests. Entertained by a DJ, we will be having heavy appetizers and enjoying  a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at an open bar!

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Join the fun and get ready to party!