The Conference

Gathering experts, representatives of key online businesses and main players on the CEE markets, bloggers and independent commentators, the third Internet CEE Conference will, similarly to the previous two editions, constitute an extraordinary opportunity to share one's views, opinions and establish new business contacts.

The subjects discussed during the event will include: the fading of online/offline border, ways of boosting brand awareness online, as well as the experiences that online players gained during the 2009 recession.


                      Internet CEE 2010 in the limelight


Zsolt Batorfi, Microsoft

I’d like to thank and congratulate Gemius team for the whole conference. I think this was an excellent event, I enjoyed it very much. The content was truly relevant and I got many inspirations. 


Maciej Wicha, Agora SA

Internet CEE is a remarkable event – a conference showing the achievements in the new media in the region which still is, though undeservedly, in the shadow of Western European, British and American economies.  The pace of internet development as a medium, the level of penetration in the countries of the region and the range of new media businesses – this all results in the fact that the CEE region should be watched with special attention. In our region we have numerous examples of innovations on the internet products, advertising and researches market. We should be proud of them. Internet CEE is an exceptional occasion to establish and develop direct relations with the authors of these achievements.  It is wonderful that there is such an occasion.

I also think that we owe Gemius team a big 'thank you' for professional organization of this event and your hard work.


Ricardo Pereira, comOn

Overall the conference presentations were very good and the organization was excellent. Most of all the friendly people I’ve met were very above any expectations. It was my first time in Warsaw and I must say that I'm sure that it will not be the last.

Thanks for everything and I hope you will continue the good work.

The organiser of the conference is Gemius. Thinking beyond borders.